Our Teams

Our Teams


Online Consultants

Our team are readily available and happy to provide you with an efficient and   personalised service that is tailored to your every need-   no request is too large or too small!  Please contact us and we will be delighted to assist with your enquiry.


 我們的團隊隨時可以為您提供高效,個性化的服務,並根據您的每一項需求量身定制,從而滿足顧客要求! 請與我們聯繫,我們將很高興為您提供諮詢。


Personal Shopping

Our Personal Shoppers have excellent relationships within leading fashion houses and renowned expertise in locating both exclusive and limited pieces. Whatever you want, wherever you are, our team are dedicated to sourcing it for you!


我們的採購團隊與各大品牌建立了良好的關係,並在尋找獨家商品和限量商品方面擁有著名的專業知識。 無論您想要什麼,無論您身在何處,我們的團隊都將竭誠為您採購!


Client Services

Our Client Services team are passionate in provide you with a bespoke shopping journey. Whether it is keeping you regularly updated, providing product information, or even arranging video consultations- our client services team are always on hand to ensure we build long lasting relationships!


我們的客戶服務團隊為您提供量身定制的購物之旅。 無論是讓您定期更新,提供產品信息,還是安排視頻諮詢,客戶服務團隊都將隨時可用,以確保我們建立長期的合作關係!


Content Creator

Our creative studio is passionate about developing   new fashion content to inspire our audience through regularly developing fun and innovative concepts.  Keep updated via our social media channels for our latest fashion inspiration and entertainment.


我們的創意工作室熱衷於開發新的時尚內容,通過定期開發有趣和創新的概念來激發顧客的興趣。 通過我們的社交媒體渠道保持更新,以獲取最新的時尚靈感和娛樂。

Inspection Manager

Our Inspection Manager meticulously examines the quality and craftmanship of each and every product   to ensure each requested item   is presented in perfect condition before being offered to our clients.




Boutique Assistant

Visit our boutique where our professional and friendly assistants will be happy to support your shopping journey.  Whether it is a general enquiry or advice on a particular product our team are always pleased to help you!

歡迎參觀我們的精品店,我們專業而友好的助手將竭誠為您的購物之旅提供支持。 無論是一般諮詢還是對特定產品的建議,我們的團隊始終樂於為您提供幫助!